Welcome to the Pôle du Cheval et de l’Âne!

Nature, animals, leisure, games, fresh air… our park has it all !

Nestled in the south area of the Berrichon countryside (18), the Pôle du Cheval et de l’Âne is a nature ans leisure park you cannot miss if you feel like discovering horses and donkeys as well as enjoying activities around/with them .

You have found your playground !

Visit the « Sitazin » Museum, go for a walk with a donkey, learn horse riding, get lost in the labyrinth of straw and its giant games, attend workshops to discover the region’s iconic breed: the Big Black Donkey of Berry, enjoy a picnic ride in a horse-drawn carriage, participate to special activities during the summer, attend equestrian events as well as horse races…

… and haven

Let yourself be seduced by a night (or several nights) stay in our village composed of comfy wooden trailers, an unusual and exotic experience. In the vincinity of nature and animals,  the Village is the perfect place to rest, disconnect, and enjoy activities and events that take place in the park.

Want to know more about the park and/or book one or several activities and maybe stay for a few nights ?

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